Music reviewers are often guilty of overly dissecting an artist’s work. In the quest to appear imminently more qualified than others in their trade, critics sometimes resort to the overuse of buzz words and spend far too much time majoring on minors. Many forget that music is after all a form of entertainment for the consumer. And there is certainly nothing wrong if there is a good measure of fun included within the recording.

Which brings me to the CD “Brewed and Bottled-Alive” by the Norwegian blues/rock band Divin’ Ducks. I found this recording to be extremely enjoyable and permeated with fun from start to finish. The band’s delightfully off-center sense of humor is evident both in this work as well as at their web site. All of this lends a very personal and unique charm to both this CD and to this band.

The recording may be a bit too much on the rock side for some blues/rock fans and may not contain enough extended “air guitar play along” breaks for others. However, I find that it stays in my CD player a lot when I am traveling. I categorize this as music that will make you roll down the windows on your car and drive at high rates of speed.

I may not have used descriptive adjectives which would have appeased the musical technocrats when I have described “Brewed and Bottled-Alive” or the Divin’ Ducks in general. For this, I apologize to my peers. Rather, I choose to instead quote from my son-in-law who, after borrowing? my copy of this CD for a few days, met me at the door of his house with a sheepish grin and a hearty “The Ducks rock!”.

The CD is a bit difficult to come by outside of Norway, but it can be purchased on-line though several musical services including in Norway. You may also contact the band directly through their web site for information about ordering. It is worth the effort to find, as indeed the Ducks do rock.

The Band:
Morten Hjøllo: Vocal/Guitar
Øystein Rudjord: Drums
Kjell Ove Torkildsen: Bass
Svein Heimvik: Lead Guitar/Backing vocal

1. Chasin’ Fire With Fire 2. Nothing to Do 3. It Ain’t Just For Fun 4. Knocking Me To the Ground 5. Made In a Hurry 6. Theme For An Imaginary Western 7. Backfire Blues 8. Tubesnake Boogie 9. The Woman I’m a Lovin’ 10. Well Educated Woman 11. Rock ‘n’ Roll Man 12. Queen of Sheba 13. Roll Over Beethoven

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