There are certain artists whose recordings I know in advance will be review worthy material. When their past works have demonstrated such a proven commitment to quality of material, excellence of performance, and consistency of sound I know before they hit the CD player that they are going to be excellent works.

California based blues/rock guitarist Alastair Greene is just such an artist who has over time become one of my personal favorites. You will be hard pressed to find another young guitarist whose work demonstrates a better example of both from where the blues has come as well as to where it may be headed. His latest work “Walking In Circles” is a wonderful representation of just that: one foot in the past
with the other planted in the future. ”Walking in Circles” is a tribute of sorts it would seem with Greene offering up 6 excellent original tracks combined with 5 covers, many of which Greene performs in styles reminiscent of some of the greats. You will hear a variety of tasty flavorings including Jimmy Reed, Otis Rush, Elmore James, T-Bone Walker, and Albert Collins all as seen through the eyes of Alastair Greene and his remarkable guitar. The band here is excellent as always, perhaps even better on this set than on previous ones and features some most impressive bass guitar compliments of Jim Rankin and the tasteful as always drumming of Tom Lackner. And, to make the seasoning complete, Mitch Kashmar adds some world class blues harmonica to the mix. Greene’s vocals are strong as always as is the studio sound in general: engineered for quality sound without removing the energy.

I think you will like all the tracks here, with a special mention to Greene’s interpretation of the great Albert Collins instrumental “Don’t Lose Your Cool”, “Get Out Of My Life, Woman”, a song made most popular to me by Albert King (and others), and the thunderous “Look Out Baby” which features some of the best guitar and bass exchanges on the CD. This entire recording is high quality and purely a good time just waiting to happen.

“Walking In Circles” receives the “use at least part of your bailout money to buy this CD” recommendation and is available directly from the official Alastair Greene website at Great music, great people, and the very kind we always look to help promote at Bluesrockers.
Tom Branson

The Band:
Alastair Greene: Guitar and vocals
Tom Lackner: Drums
Jim Rankin: Bass Guitar
Mitch Kashmar: Harmonica

The Tunes:
1. Walking In Circles – 2. Look Out Baby- 3. Drunk Again – 4. Get Out Of My Life, Woman – 5. Don’t Lose Your Cool – 6. Say What You Want – 7. Pocket Full Of Change – 8. Cut You Loose – 9. Back Alley Strut – 10. Merry-Go-Round – 11. Give Me Back My Wig

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