Every now and then, the good feeling you have about someone from years past manifests into reality. I remember well the first time I encountered the work of California based blues/rock guitarist Alastair Greene. I was fortunate enough to come across his debut CD “A Little Wiser” via the internet and quickly added it to my “must review” list. I knew then that this was an artist who given the proper opportunities was headed towards much higher ground professionally. It has been very personally satisfying for me to witness from afar as his career has grown, from relative unknown local artist, to supporting player with name acts, most recently as full time guitarist for the legendary Alan Parsons project while maturing to become a very credible artist in his own right.

“Through the Rain” is Greene’s latest solo release and his best to date, though all his previous material is more than worthy of your attention as well. Formed from a similar mold as some other modern powerhouse guitarists like Warren Haynes and Lance Lopez, Greene manages to transform obvious 60’s and 70’s classic rock influences into a much more explosive 21st Century version of those oh so familiar hard driving, pulse pounding, and speaking bursting treats. He remains on “Through the Rain” as in all efforts before an accomplished song writer and excellent vocalist as well. The band includes some familiar names from AG recordings past, most notably Tom Lackner on drums, Greene himself adding bass and percussion on some tracks, along with a cameo appearance of sorts from the great former King’s X guitarist Ty Tabor, a brilliant addition of another player of similar influences as Greene, and one whose solo tradeoffs fit to perfection.

There is absolutely nothing here not to love, the tracks are all outstanding, vocals all strong, band always spot on, and Greene’s playing and singing world class. And, as always, there is a very wide variety of musical styles represented in this recording. From a very gentle instrumental “Dearly Departed” to an almost Poco/Pure Prairie League like “Take Me With You” and onto the more monstrous blues influenced monster rock tracks like “Madman”, the title track “Through the Rain”, and perhaps my favorite “Get Your Evil On” which both reminds me of why I have loved this genre of music since its birth even unto today as well as reminding me just why I am such a huge fan of Alastair Greene’s work.

“Through The Rain” is available from our friends at CD Baby or by visiting the official Alastair Greene website at www.agsongs.com. This one receives my rarely given, “Buy it even if you raise the national debt in doing so” Bluesrockers seal of approval. And keep your eye out for even greater things to come from Alastair Greene in the future.

The Band:
Alastair Greene – Guitars, lead and harmony vocals
Tom Lackner/George Pendergast – Drums
Jim Rankin/Misha Feldmann/Bush Miller – Bass guitar

The Tunes:
1. Before The Storm
2. Through The Rain
3. By The Way
4. Get Your Evil On
5. T’other Way
6. All Of This Time
7. Dearly Departed
8. Take Me With You
9. Madman
10. Stoneroller
11. The Real You
12. You Will Remember

Copyright 2012 Alastair Green

© Bluesrockers 2012


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