In my review of Albert Cummings previous release “From The Heart”, I made the statement, by paraphrasing the immortal words of Commodore Perry, “I have met the future of the blues, and it is Albert Cummings”. I subsequently received some negative correspondence about that comment from people who apparently believed that I was overstating Cummings’ potential as a force in the blues/rock arena.

With the release of Cummings latest “True To Yourself”, may I respectfully say to all the naysayers: “I told you so”. This incredible set is surely destined to thrust Cummings to the very forefront of the genre. Produced and released on the well respected Blind Pig label, this CD is easily the best blues/rock release of 2004, and perhaps several others to boot. Cummings is backed again on this set as on the previous one by the legendary Tommy Shannon, who not only serves as bass guitarist as only he can, but also as musical director. Riley Osborne adds the keys and B.E. Frosty Smith pounds the skins, with the recording being produced by the incomparable Jim Gaines. With Gaines production, Shannons ear, a gifted band, Cummings monstrous chops and vocals, and Blind Pig’s marketing, this release will surely become a major musical event.

And, my friends, does Albert Cummings ever take advantage of this opportunity presented to him. His guitar has never been hotter, his vocals never more passionate, his writer’s pen never sharper and all the other pieces never better assembled. The CD is a non stop blues/rocket ship, guaranteed to take Cummings to heights he never imagined possible. It is top notch in every way possible, both creatively and in performance. I will not take up time naming favorite tracks, as this one is all good stuff without any fluff. Unlike most other artists, his move to a more major label seems to have ADDED intensity to his work rather than over-produced it away. And, he is a nice young man to boot. I hope Albert Cummings is ready for major success, for it is about to hit him like a cold slap in the face.

“True To Yourself” is available at all major retail outlets. Make sure you visit the official Albert Cummings web site at and pick up a shirt, hat, and CD or two. One of these days these will be very collectable items.
Oh, and by the way, I told you so.

The Band:
Albert Cumming – Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals
Tommy Shannon – Bass guitar
Riley Osborne – Keyboards
B.E. Frosty Smith – Drums

1. Man On Your Mind
2. Work It Out
3. Come Up For Air
4. Blues Makes Me Feel So Good
5. Where Did I Go Wrong
6. Your Sweet Love
7. Sleep
8. Separately
9. Lonely Bed
10. Follow Your Soul

Copyright 2004 Blind Pig

© Bluesrockers 2004


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