Weather fascinates me, and having lived in the tornado belt for 54 years storms are of particular interest to me. At this time of year, we all watch as tropical depressions can grow first to a category 1 storm, and then sometimes on to a massive category 5. Some fizzle out and some grow only to moderate storms, yet others become the kinds of storms from which legends are born.

And so it is with blues/rock artists (and with artists of all other genres as well). While most are destined to fizzle or become on moderately successful, sometimes you get the blessed privilege of seeing one develop into a full blown monster.
Such has been the case for me when watching the career of Massachusetts based powerhouse guitarist/vocalist Albert Cummings.

I remember well receiving his demo CD a few years back and being so taken with what I heard in it. With each passing release, I could see him gaining in intensity. This gathering storm was eventually picked up on the radar screen of one of the finest and most respected blues labels, Blind Pig, who joined with Cummings for his latest release “Working Man”.

And now, the storm that is Albert Cummings has hit category 5 (and perhaps beyond) with the release of “Working Man”. This is his finest release to date (no small matter as his others are all great recordings in their own rights) and perfect showcase of both his power and beauty. Cummings possesses chops like few of his peers (yes, Virginia, it is appropriate to mention him in the same breath as Walter Trout), tone that can crush diamonds, original songs that can hold their own with anyone, and vocals better than most of his contemporaries. This recording showcases it all, and if this is any indication of the fruits to come from the union between Cummings and Blind Pig, their mutual legacy may someday be viewed along side the most renown and revered of this genre. This is, needless to say, a “must buy” recording.

“Working Man” is available in all your major record outlets or from Blind Pig Records online at Be sure to visit Albert Cummings’ official website as well at

Tom Branson

The Players:

Albert Cummings: Lead guitar and vocals
Steve Potts: Drums
Dave Smith: Bass


1. Workin’ Man Blues
2. Say You Love Me
3. I Feel Good
4. Girls To Shame
5. Let Me Be
6. Feeling End
7. Party Right Here
8. I’m Free
9. First Day
10. I’m On My Way
11. Rumors
12. Please
13. Last Dance

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