Alice Stuart is an absolute treasure. She began as a folk singer in the 60s in the state of Washington, but over the years her career has covered many genres. Her work incorporates such a wide range of material is it impossible to categorize her, though I would simply label her as “American Music”. This remarkable double CD “Live at the Triple Door” is among my very favorite recordings that I have ever reviewed, as this is truly a work of art. Ms. Stuart’s song writing is painfully honest and straight forward, her vocals passionate and infectious, her guitar tasteful and brimming with tone, and her band tight and talented.

I loved this recording from the very first track a sort an electrified folk tune “I’ve Got Something For You”, which opens with Ms. Stuart lamenting “I ain’t pretty but I’ve got some syle, I ain’t young no more, no, but I can still be wild”. While I would disagree with part of her lyrics, I have to say that this song along with many of the other Alice Stuart originals, demonstrate a very seasoned and sensitive song writer. As you listen to her unwild the tales from within her heart and mind, it is impossible not to like this set and fall in love with this performer.

Not a blues recording you say? Well, I kind of had that feeling after listening to disk one. I knew this was good stuff but would it fit even our wide interpretation of blues and blues rock at Bluesrockers? That question was convincingly answered after I inserted disk #2 into the player and begin to listen to Ms. Stuarts hauntingly beautiful rendition of Skip James “Hard Time Killin Floor”, which is one of the many highlights here along with a great country/blues tune “Wild Bill Jones”, which may be my favorite track on the set.

If you are a fan of country blues, folk blues, folk rock, or just good music in general you are going to want to buy this fabulous recording. Please visit Alice Stuart online at and buy a CD or two.

“I ain’t pretty, but I’ve got some style, I ain’t young no more…….” Ms. Stuart, I beg to differ with you. Many hours listening to this CD have told me just how beautiful a lady you really are.
Tom Branson

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