I stopped listening to top 40 radio many years ago as the message and meaning of most modern music completely escapes me. With a rare exception or two along the way, I found that most mainstream artists had little to say and a poor way of saying it. As I have grown older, I have come to expect more out of music than many artists seem willing to put into it.

But every now and then, a new band comes along that really impresses me. I received recently a CD “Center of Attention” from a Danish band Bad Monday and despite my allergy to modern bands, I found myself repeatedly listening to this excellent recording.
The band is a very talented trio, fronted by an outstanding young guitarist/vocalist Henrik Johannessen backed by an impressive rhythm section of Henrik Bjørn on bass and Jeppe Bårris on drums. Their music is a blend of power trio European rock and blues/rock with a good bit of acoustic music tasteful scattered throughout the recording. At times, their sound is reminiscent of bands like the Black Crowes but while their style may remind you of others, their sound is fresh with all of the songs being Bad Monday originals.

The set opens with a powerhouse “So Little Time”, which definitely follows one of my standard suggestions to any band: have a strong opening track, as anything else may lose many of your potential listeners. “So Little Time” will not allow you to lose interest in this set, and is then followed by an acoustic rich “Promise”, which also features some of the best vocals on the CD. Back to full power on track 3 with “Worth My Trouble” which features a most excellent guitar solo from the talented Johannessen. Such is the pattern of this recording, mixing strong rock and blues/rock selections with some very fine acoustic songs. A lot of bands do not translate so well from powerful electric songs to those of the “unplugged” variety, but Bad Monday pulls this off quite impressively.

I have a number of personal favorites, including the aforementioned “So Little Time”, the acoustic offering “Dream Without A Doubt” which again demonstrates this band’s very enjoyable vocals, my personal favorite “My Life” which sounded to me like early Bad Company, and the hard driving “Groovy Little Hippie Dad”. Another good thing about Bad Monday: Kaj, who is the very fine web master of Bluesrockers, sent me Bad Monday’s first CD’s “Dream Catcher” and this recording is also excellent. I can recommend either of these recordings to you without reservation.

“Center of Attention” is available, as is “Dream Catcher”, via the band’s official web site at www.badmonday.dk or by surfing the web to www.bol.com

The Band:
Henrik Johannessen: Guitar/Vocal
Henrik Bjørn: Bass/Vocal
Jeppe Bårris: Drums/Percussion

1. So Little Time
2. Promise
3. Worth My Trouble
4. Never Gonna Leave
5. Dream Without A Doubt
6. My Life
7. U Wanna Funk
8. Side Track
9. Where The Sun Don’t Shine
10. Too Early Too Bad
11. Groovy Little Hippie Dad

2000 Blue Stone Records

© Bluesrockers 2001


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