You know, sometimes looks can be very deceiving.

San Diego based blues/rock guitarist Reuben Vigil may not look like your stereotypical musician, in fact far from it. But please do not let Clark Kent’s exterior fool you about what lies beneath the disguise.
However you may think a guitar hero should look, in this case he looks very much like Reuben Vigil, front man for the excellent Big Shot Reub and the Reloaders band. Long time friends/short time band mates, their debut release “Roundhouse Blues” is a collection of 10 excellent original Vigil compositions. To again prove there is no substitute for experience, Vigil draws on some very classic influences to produce a recording about as diverse in genre as it is excellent in execution. From T-Bone to Trower, Vigil
moves flawlessly and tastefully across the frets to produce a very high quality product for any discerning ear to enjoy. While Vigil is a capable vocalist as well, this is very much a guitar lovers recording.

The Reloaders very admirably accompany Big Shot Reub on this set and include Jodie Hill on bass guitar and Ric Lee on drums. The band is also very talented but again it is Vigil’s guitar work at the forefront. And, Brother, can the man play.

This recording pretty well defies categorization though it is mostly blues influenced. There are some bona fide blues tracks, some blues/rock, 70s rock, psychedelic blues/rock, Latin, and a truly remarkable and hauntingly beautiful acoustic instrumental. Whatever the influence or style, the end product is consistently splendid, enough so that I am truly looking forward to hearing much more wonderful work from this band in the future.

“Roundhouse Blues” is available online from the #1 source for Independent (and other) recordings CD Baby CD Baby. Be sure to visit Big Shot Reub and the Reloaders online at ReverbNation.

And Reub, for what it is worth I assure you that I do NOT look like the stereotypical CD reviewer…………much worse in fact.

Tom Branson

The Band:
Reuben Vigil, lead guitar-vocals
Jodie Hill (bass)
Ric Lee (drums)

1. So Much Inside Me
2. Love Comes Knocking
3. Viva Bracero
4. Celestial
5. “C”
6. Big Shot Roll
7. I Don’t Drink
8. Love Is A Memory
9. Time Was
10. Survive


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