“Passion, Soul, and Fire” is the very properly named current release from the highly impressive San Francisco based guitarist David M’ore. I say that it is properly named, as this recording offers the listeners an eye into the musical influences who have shaped M’ore and his music, which in turn has produced a recording filled with, you got it: passion, soul, and fire. This recording somehow seems to pay homage to those great guitarists of the past, while at the same time retaining an identity which is entire David M’ore. This is one of the more intriguing recordings I have reviewed in a long time and I must confess it’s become a favorite around here.

M’ore and his outstanding band mates Wade Olson on drums and David De Silva on bass are very much a force with which to be
reckoned. His promo materials list many of the great classic rock and electric blues influences: Hendrix, Albert King, Ritchie Blackmore and others, but I would say that of all those listed I sense more of Gary Moore than the others, though surely the influences of the others can be heard at times. M’ore’s vocals are very Billy Gibbons like, gruff and earthy. It takes a spin or two for you to get used to them (as did Billy G’s in the day) but they are enjoyable after your initial adjustment period. But this recording is not about vocals, it’s about incredibly good and intense 3 piece blues/rock and classic rock guitar driven music, my favorite of all the many types I review.

There are many great guitarists around and David M’ore certainly fills the roll ax slinger very nicely. However, he brings something to the mix that I have to say I have not encountered often. His creative arrangements of these songs and guitar breaks are innovative and I would even brand brilliant at points. His style is difficult to categorize, as it ranges from delta blues resonator, to classical, to near metal. His blend of acoustic and atomic on “Sweet Little Baby” is both inspiring and powerful-displaying both beauty and the beast, an absolutely breathtaking track. And, again, the arrangement and structure of this track separates this from a lot of other artists I have heard. The extended 10 minute slow blues “You Said You Loved Me” is very Gary Moore-ish in both it’s sheer power and intensity. There is so much to like about this recording, each song makes you salivate for the next. All the tracks are high quality recordings, well engineered and all dominated by thunderous guitar.

Honestly, I could write much more about this recording but you would be wasting valuable time you could be using much more constructively by listening to “Passion, Soul, and Fire”. The CD is available from CD Baby at and comes with the always popular “buy it no matter who wins the US Presidential election” Bluesrockers seal of excellence. Be sure to visit David M’ore at

Very well done, Mr. M’ore. I have officially added you to my bucket list of acts I hope to someday hear live.

Tom Branson

The Band:
David M’ore-Guitars and Vocals
Wade Olson-Drums
David De Silva-Bass

The tunes:
1. The Devil’s Land
2. Love again
3. Stronger than I realize
4. Johan Sebastian Blues
5. You said you loved me
6. Sweet Little Baby
7. The 12 Song
8. Cold Blooded
9. Every time I think of you
10. Funky it up
11. Liar
12. Mistreated

Copyright 2015 David M’ore

© Bluesrockers 2016


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