I am old now but feel blessed to have grown up in the 50’s and 60’s. I was fortunate to have lived through almost the entire history of rock and blues/rock music. I have always had music in my life, first on vinyl, then on 8 tracks, cassettes, CDs and now on a flash drive loaded with more music than I ever imagined that I would ever be able to carry in my shirt pocket. There are some who over the years have always been on my “regular” playlist; you know, my own personal favorite hits compilation of sorts. Which brings me to this review. For over 20 years now in various forms my playlist has included the album “Telephone Road-Houston Tx” from the band Mark May and the Agitators. I received this CD over 20 years ago when writing reviews for a now defunct publication and it has never left my personal lineup. Imagine just how pleased I was to go to my mailbox the other day and find a brand new CD to review, “Deep Dark Demon” from the Mark May Band.

Mark May, an Ohio native but from a young age a long time Houston, Texas resident, is one of those guys who is so incredibly talented that you wonder why everyone does not know about him. An extremely gifted guitarist, outstanding vocalist, and upper tier songwriter, Mark May is indeed a genuine triple threat as an artist. He is another one of those people who seems incapable of making a bad recording. “Deep Dark Demon” is a complete production: great Texas flavored blues and pop/rock songs from beginning to end, lots of tasty guitar licks supported by extremely skilled musicians, polished and consistently good vocals, and world class sound engineering. There are nothing but positives to report about this recording.

The tracks are all good. You will no doubt enjoy the Latin flavored “Back”, the title track “Deep Dark Demon”, a slow blues burner which will no doubt have you hollering for mercy, and “Harvey’s Dirty Side”, which is perhaps my favorite of this set. When you hear Mark May play that nasty electric slide on this track, you will wonder why the song was not named “Harvey’s Dirty Slide”. This is the track that will probably get the most (and loudest) playing in my car as the guitar is very thunderously intense in this one.

I am old enough now that I cannot say for certain whether or not I will be around another 20 years to have “Deep Dark Demon” on my flash drive (or on whatever device will be around then) . But if not, when they bury me with my song device, I can assure you that Mark May music will be present.

“Deep Dark Demon” receives the coveted and seldom received Bluesrock.reviews “buy this CD even if you have to sell your private stock of Lysol cleaning wipes during the Covid-19 outbreak to fund it” seal of approval. Please be sure to visit the official Mark May Band website at http://www.markmay.com  and order a copy via this link https://markmayband.square.site/.

The Mark May Band is:

Mark May-guitar, vocals;
Kirk McKim-guitar, vocals;
Dan Cooper-bass;
Clyde Dempsey-drums

The Tracks:

1. Harvey’s Dirty Side
2. BBQ and Blues
3. Back
4. Deep Dark Demon
5. Sweet Music
6. Rolling Me Down
7. My Last Ride
8. For Your Love
9. Walking Out That Door
10. Something Good
11. Invisible Man

2020 Gulf Coast Records

Review copyright 2020 Bluesrock.reviews


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